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  Active Tourism
Variety is the spice of the Ribera de Navarra. With its manifold landscapes, cultures, architectural feats and traditions… the Ribera has something to offer that will please you!

  Thematic Tourism

On horseback, on wheels or simply on foot… one thousand and one ways to go all over the Ribera de Navarra and get acquainted with its landscapes, its heritage and its people.


Each valley and each village holds an unexpected hidden treasure, be it a disturbing landscape, the legacy of long-lost civilization, an artistic jewel, the memories of monks and knights, or a peculiar tradition... – all of them hold easy-going, passionate and welcoming people willing to share these secrets without hesitation.


Each route is an eye opening to the Ribera de Navarra from a different viewpoint. Follow these routes to feel overwhelmed by the disturbing landscapes of Bardenas, to feel the peace of monasteries, where stones tell the story of the Middle Ages and where monks and knights shall come back to life… These unique experiences are awaiting you, hoping to become a treasured memory of your journey.


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